This page is for your information COVID -19

THE RETREAT will be able to open & what protocol staff & clients will follow.

Appointments are made prior to arrival at THE RETREAT

    to make an appointment, please call 01162717183 or . Unfortunatley we R unable to take walk-in appointments.

    Upon arrival, you will be asked to wait outside to ensure The Retreat therapists R ready for you. Essential hygiene practises are being carried out in-between client visits.

    Ensure, you do not enter without your mask or if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

    You will be asked to read a pre-treatment consent form to ensure you understand Covid-19 whilst having a close contact treatment. Your temperature will be taken.

    Hand washing & sanitisation will be offered, which is located in the retail area of THE RETREAT

    Therapist will be wearing appropriate PPE & perform a high level of  hygiene practice.

    Additional measures THE RETREAT have adopted R-

    Air filters, air purifying plants & use of essential oils vaporising around THE RETREAT to reduce viral & bacterial outbreaks.

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    I have taken all the government guidelines to action, to ensure your health & well being are not compromised.

    Physical price lists R not available, however please ask for R QR CODE card which will direct you to R website.


    Dawn Gregory IHBC C&G IFHT Owner/therapist

    Spreading the wellness word

    The Retreat R Retreat is your Retreat