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Gaia Treatments

Gaia Rituals

All Gaia rituals start with a welcome foot ritual and consultation followed by aftercare advice.

GAIA Rituals Gaia rituals are designed to identify three levels of an individual’s well being, recognising the holistic benefits of treatments across mental, physical and spiritual domains. They have been designed to be meaningful, connecting to history and tradition, with the aim that they are felt physically and that they are understood mentally. They are designed to bring a person to a state of wellness, this is more than the absence of illness, the state of being well is a sense of life, high energy levels, contentment, enjoyment and fulfilment, which gives mental clarity and physical strength. Wellness is about awareness and relationships, about reaching into your heart, being the best you can be. All Gaia rituals start with a welcome foot ritual and consultation followed by aftercare advice and a Gaia tea.

    Gaia Facial

    • Gaia Jade Facial | 75 minutes £70

    This healing massaging facial will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing… Gaia’s natural skincare products are softly massaged deep into the skin, using healing Jade crystal wands to stimulate both lymph drainage and blood flow, leaving your skin feeling firmer and younger.

    Gaia Body Treatments

    • Gaia Back Ritual | 60 minutes £55

    Experience a therapeutic back cleanse using a Clarisonic brush followed by exfoliation with Gaia’s own unique body scrub, before Gaia’s mud mask is applied in sweeping motions to detoxify and cleanse. Following the removal of the mud with a hot towel, the back is massaged with hot stones using one of the Gaia oils; Awakening, Balancing or Calming.

    • Gaia Indian Head Massage | 40 minutes £45

    Gaia’s Indian head massage is a treatment combining massage on the face, shoulders and scalp. A series of techniques are performed to manipulate the muscles, releasing tension and stress throughout the mind and body.